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Advanced Tactical Management Ltd offers a range of services aimed at improving your performance:

ISO 9001 implementation
If you want to improve your management system and thus your business then the ISO 9001 standard is a tried and tested, independently verified and internationally recognised model. To find out more… read more

Tactical planning
Understanding exactly what you want to achieve and then being able to turn this into specific goals, tasks and actions that you can work on tomorrow, is a key element of effective performance. For more details see… read more

Project Management training
Project management is a very broad topic and to execute projects effectively requires people to understand and apply a wide range of skills. ATM Ltd provide training on all the Total Project Management elements…read more

Time and Priority Management
Once you have decided what needs to be done and how you are going to do it then comes the difficult part - managing your time and priorities to make sure it gets done. read more

Targeted training
ATM ltd favour straightforward practical techniques that are easy to understand and can be implemented rapidly. To this end we offer custom designed in-house courses delivered at your convenience backed up by ongoing support and coaching. For more information please contact us… Contact Us

Management system review
Assessing your current situation is vital to understanding what you need to do and where to focus your improvement actions. ATM Ltd offers two types of review:
Process Evaluation and Improvement Service (Health check), based around our Total Project Management model and ISO 9001 Management System review. For more information please contact us… Contact Us

Session facilitation
When you or your staff do not have the time or, experience to carry out a particular session such as Risk Management workshop, Post Project Review, FMEA session, etc. Or where it is necessary to have someone completely independent, then contact us to discuss your requirements… Contact Us

Milestone reviews
Effective preparation and execution of milestone reviews by a truly independent person is invaluable in making rational decisions and ensuring rapid but controlled progress is made. The reviews can be carried out for internal or external stakeholders at key milestones e.g. Project Kick-off, Release to Production, etc. For more information contact us… Contact Us

Part-time project management
If you need a qualified and experienced project manager to take control of a project part time or on a temporary basis please contact us with your requirements… Contact Us

Project recovery
Most projects go through phases of uncertainty; some just get stuck in a rut and lose momentum for no obvious reason. Others reach a point where they are not going to deliver what is required. This is where a fresh pair of eyes and hands can take stock, re-plan, re-energise or if necessary recommend cancellation as the best course of action. For more information contact us… Contact Us

Adrian Moore -
Director of Advanced Tactical Management says:
“We will not try to tell you how to define and implement long-term business strategy
we believe that is best done by the people who know your business best i.e. you. We concentrate on short to medium-term improvements.”
To find out more please contact us.