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Total Project Management

Project Management has changed in a similar manner to Quality Management, which evolved from Quality Control to Total Quality Management. This is because quality professionals realised that you could not achieve the highest levels of performance unless the whole organisation was aligned.

In the early days of project management, a task list and a Gantt chart was considered sufficient. Then companies recognised a framework or methodology was needed.

However it soon became clear that if you wanted to achieve excellence in project management, and thus your business, you needed to support that methodology with a whole range of skills, tools and techniques that are embedded in, and supported by, your organisation.

This is why ATM Ltd developed the concept of Total Project Management.

Clearly not every organisation or project requires all of these elements to be fully implemented but they should all be considered.

As you can see there are two key elements at the centre of this model they are the Project Manger and a core process or methodology. Without an owner and a clear process the chances of success are significantly reduced.

There are a number of other models and it is a question of picking the right one for your business. One of the other models growing in popularity is PRINCE2 (Projects In Controlled Environments). To this end ATM Ltd has Registered PRINCE2 Practitioners.

Project Management Training

ATM Ltd provides on-site training covering the above topics. This training is either generally applicable skills or Targeted Training where we select the elements that apply to your business and customise the training to suit your needs and time constraints.

This is often most effectively carried out in conjunction with a facilitated session. Where the audience learns the theory followed by its application on a real life situation such as a Risk Management workshop.
Adrian Moore -
Director of Advanced Tactical Management says:
“We will not try to tell you how to define and implement long-term business strategy
we believe that is best done by the people who know your business best i.e. you. We concentrate on short to medium-term improvements.”
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