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ISO 9001

If you are considering ISO 9001 certification then you only need to ask yourself 3 questions:

Are you interested in really listening to your customers?
Are you committed to consistently delivering high quality products and services?
Do you want to perform a little better every time you deliver?

If you answer yes to these three questions then ISO 9001 is an excellent approach. In addition to helping you put systems in place to achieve the above, it has two other significant benefits:

Namely it is independently verified and internationally recognised, giving it, and thus your business, a high level of credibility.

ISO 9001 is often seen as a bureaucratic system for big businesses. This is something of a hangover from the past. The year 2000 revision (hence the name ISO 9001:2000) addressed this issue by changing the emphasis from documentation to customer focus, process management and continual improvement.

Having said this, implementation in small and medium size enterprises requires a different approach to large businesses. Processes required to ensure compliance with the standard have to be implemented in such away as to make them a normal part of running a business and not just another overhead.

An example of an implementation in a small but very successful and rapidly expanding organisation is:

BlueTree Specific Skills, a coaching, training and marketing services company, which is already very successful but wanted to continue its rapid growth and develop into other markets. They decided ISO 9001 was an appropriate vehicle and asked ATM Ltd to help them through the process. Certification was achieved in March.  Commenting on the implementation, Graham Buck, Director of Training said:

“Receiving ISO certification is a considerable achievement for a small business, and is thanks in no small part to the excellent support and advice from Advanced Tactical Management.”

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Adrian Moore -
Director of Advanced Tactical Management says:
“We will not try to tell you how to define and implement long-term business strategy
we believe that is best done by the people who know your business best i.e. you. We concentrate on short to medium-term improvements.”
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