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Achieving Your Objectives


Advanced Tactical Management believe there are just 4 fundamental steps to improving your business and these are:

Objectives – Process – Application – Leadership or O.P.A.L.

Step 1) Set your objectives i.e. clearly define what you want to achieve by when
Step 2) Understand the process – set out the steps required to reach your objectives
Step 3) Ensure you have systems to help you work towards them each and every day
Step 4) Identify people who will step up and show leadership throughout the business

It sounds simple and at one level it is, but it is not always possible to step back and work logically through the process when you are wrapped up in your business. This is where ATM Ltd can help. We have various techniques and processes that will help you to do this. For example our Tactical Planning process:

Tactical Planning - The Tactical Planning process is a deceptively simple but effective 5-step process. At the heart of the process is a Vision Matrix, which helps you to understand and articulate where you are and where you want to be, but most importantly shows how to focus your time and resources most effectively to achieve your objectives.

POLAR Communications have been working with ATM for a while now, with a specific focus on effectively managing resources, time and processes to achieve a managed list of objectives and Managing Director, Gennaro Coppolaro, had the following to say:

“Adrian’s relaxed style and combination of broad experience, straight forward explanations and practical tools was a breath of fresh air.  We are now able to plan and track our key objectives in an efficient and consistent manner which means we can clearly see what needs to be done and the positive impact it is having on achieving our objectives”

Having reached the point where you know what you want to achieve and how you are going to achieve it the next hurdle is how to do this along with all the other demands of your business and your personal life. This is where good Time Management, and more importantly, Priority Management are key.

Time Management
Time and Priority Management is all about making good choices. How much time to spend at work, which tasks will have the greatest effect on achieving my goals, should I spend time on solving someone else’s problem, etc. Making good choices is much easier if you have a framework to guide you. ATM Ltd suggest you consider the following steps:

Collect : You need a system that collects all of the tasks and demands on your time
Filter : Sort the ones that you have to do something about
Prioritise : Have a mechanism that sorts out what you have to do today from the rest
Plan : Create your plan for the day

ATM Ltd will show you how to make the most out of your time in a thought-provoking manner then provide practical tools you can start using straight away.

It has been estimated that on average people are only 60% effective, just image if you could release only half of your extra capacity – it would be the equivalent of having another day per week…
Adrian Moore -
Director of Advanced Tactical Management says:
“We will not try to tell you how to define and implement long-term business strategy
we believe that is best done by the people who know your business best i.e. you. We concentrate on short to medium-term improvements.”
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